Victim to Survivior

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Just about peed myself. LOL 

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20 years ago tomorrow the man who molested me went to prison. He gets out tomorrow at 9am in Huntsville, TX, 451 miles away from me. 

I’m not afraid he will come looking for me, however I’m pretty easy to find on google. There’s just a lot of emotional shit is being stirred up inside of me. 

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This is the coolest #watch! 

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After posting the picture of me and the guy from UP, I got a text from my friend @hollysues She said her and @jonnyneeley were thinking about this the other day and she made this pic! Sooo funny!  (at Starbucks)
At @starbucks watching traffic.  (at Starbucks)
Just died! So funny. #kermit #misspiggy #greeneggsandham
#hulksmash lol (at Sonic Drive In)

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@isauraclothing @isauraclothing @isauraclothing created THIS romantic ensemble ——-even more comfortable than sweat pants and your boyfriends tee! -
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The one thing I’ve learned from my friend and talented designer @isauraclothing the difference between something that looks nice on a hanger and a designer who knows the right cut and fabric to transform the way the garment hangs and flows with you as you move. — -
I’m often asked where I get the blouses and dresses I wear in my videos and most speaking engagements…. Well… Now you know! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ (at dugslife.com)