Victim to Survivior

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Just take some time for mindfulness breathing this morning.
I’ve seen some people make light of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Or suggest that he only try harder to quit his drugs. Or he should of just given it to God. 

Well, let’s try this little exercise. Quit eating ALL grains for 60-90 days. (Notice the feeling of anxiety going over you right now of just the THOUGHT of giving them up.) Biologically speaking your brain releases dopamine while consuming those grains/carbs. Which ironically is what happens when you take herion. 

No, you will not know exactly how he felt, but it will give you an idea.

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Cool looking old grave in the Ball Hill Cemetery.
#Foodaddiction is real. That #dopamine does not play around. 

Brain on the left shows a food addict has eaten and the red area lit up is happy land. 

Brain on the right is when the #foodaddict has not eaten and they are not happy. 

That is why when you are having a bad day and you take one bite of #food you almost melt in your chair because your brain is flooded with dopamine.  (at dugslife.com)
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